Featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery: Philadelphia Cream Cheese addresses New York’s bagel tax with the debut of its ‘Tax-Free Bagel’

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Created in partnership with H&H Bagels in New York City—the 50-year-old bagel shop—the Tax-Free Bagel is a full-sized, unsliced bagel filled with Philly cream cheese. The elimination of the bagel’s slice and schmear circumvents the additional tax requirement, making fans’ favorite bagel and schmear all the more enjoyable.

“We pride ourselves on being ‘like no other bagel in the world,’ and are thrilled to partner with Philly, a fellow category icon that is truly unlike any other cream cheese in the world,” said Jay Rushin, CEO, H&H Bagels. “We know first-hand that bagels and cream cheese are the perfect pairing and want to show appreciation for our fans’ continued support by introducing the Tax-Free Bagel—because we believe nobody should be taxed for the simple pleasure of an H&H bagel with Philly cream cheese.”