Featured in QSR Magazine: Quality brands looking to the franchising sector for growth opportunities

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Out of COVID, Restaurants Race to Franchising Sector

Pandemic conditions or not, some brands are looking to get franchise programs off the ground and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Once a restaurant brand becomes well-established on a local or regional level, the natural next step for many is to dive into franchising. It’s a step easier said than done, especially during a pandemic when many businesses halted shop and huddled up. But some endured and even thrived during the COVID-19 crisis, and are progressing with their first franchise plans. It’s served up new lessons of its own—franchising requires patience and purpose.

Iconic New York City brand H&H Bagels, which has five locations and turns 50 this year, saw its domestic shipping swell 500 percent and global wholesale increase 400 percent. H&H CEO Jay Rushin said the company became a better team and operator as a result. After five years of planning—during which he became very aware of their positive brand image after starting their global wholesale business—the company started franchising last fall, with four to six new units planned for 2022, and more accelerated growth in store for 2023.