Featured in Food Engineering: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, H&H Bagel Release Limited-Edition Bagel

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Philadelphia and H&H Bagels of New York City are coming out with a limited-edition “Tax-Free Bagel”—a full-sized, unsliced bagel filled with Philly cream cheese. Filling the bagel with cream cheese is intended to circumvent an additional tax requirement in New York that’s accrued by sliced bagels schmeared with cheese

“In today’s landscape, people are juggling enough hurdles, and having to pay an extra tax to enjoy their favorite bagel with Philly cream cheese should simply not be one of them,” says Keenan White, senior brand manager, Philadelphia at Kraft Heinz Company. “A bagel with Philly cream cheese is an experience that so many know and love, so in partnership with H&H bagels, we wanted to provide a delicious solution to this silly tax in a way that kept the enjoyment of our brand at its core, literally.”