Featured in Brand Innovators: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Gives New Yorkers a Tax Break

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Never fear, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is offering New Yorkers some “bagel tax” relief. The brand has partnered with H&H Bagels to create a cream-cheese stuffed bagel that requires no slicing or spreading, and, thus, no bagel tax. 

“As a brand that has set the cream cheese standard for 150 years, we believe no one should have to pay an extra tax to experience our cream cheese’s silky-smooth delight,” said Keenan White, senior brand manager at Philadelphia Cream Cheese. ‘We want to bring this ludicrous tax to light and provide a delicious solution in a way that keeps the enjoyment of our brand’s sensorial experience at its core, literally, while also tending to a real consumer problem.” 

The so-called Tax-Free Bagel will be available in Plain, Everything and Cinnamon Raisin in H&H Bagel’s Manhattan-based locations between April 14-18. It will also be available for national delivery through H&H Bagels’ website, giving people around the country a chance to join in tax protest solidarity. 

“In today’s landscape, people are juggling enough hurdles and added costs, so paying an extra tax to enjoy their favorite bagel and Philly cream cheese should simply not be one of them,” White said. “After finding out about this ludicrous tax, we wanted to immediately jump in to help by shining a light on this ludicrous tax and creating a way to dodge it.”

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is promoting the initiative with out-of-home wild postings and transit takeovers informing citizens to “take the bagel tax and stuff it.” In addition, the brand is placing street decals near H&H locations to lead people to purchase a “Tax-Free Bagel.” Targeted Instagram and TikTok videos will spread the world nationally.