Featured in The Daily Meal: The 14 Best Bagel Shop in NYC, Ranked

Click to read full article CULTURE FOOD SCENESThe 14 Best Bagel Shops In NYC, RankedApril 25, 2023 6:36 pm ESTNo day in New York City is complete without a delicious breakfast bagel for the first meal of the day, or a hearty bagel sandwich for lunch. There are bagel shops around every corner in the […]

Featured on The Elvis Duran Show on Z100 NY

https://photos.app.goo.gl/hJaCzM38Xhn5E8o59 Friday April 14, 2023 The awesome team at NY’s Z100 FM Elvis Duran and The Morning Show highlighted our collab with Philly Cream Cheese to stuff the crazy NYC Bagel Tax. Enjoy the show! (click above for the full clip)

Featured in CNN.com Business: The cream-cheese-stuffed bagel is here

Read the full article In the 1990s, Pizza Hut unveiled an important cheese-in-bread innovation, the stuffed crust pizza. Now, Philadelphia cream cheese and H&H Bagels, a New York City-based bagel shop, are trying to please the carbohydrate- and dairy-loving communities with a new and dubious spin on the stuffed crust: The bagel stuffed with cream cheese. But unlike […]

Featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery: Philadelphia Cream Cheese addresses New York’s bagel tax with the debut of its ‘Tax-Free Bagel’

Read the full article Created in partnership with H&H Bagels in New York City—the 50-year-old bagel shop—the Tax-Free Bagel is a full-sized, unsliced bagel filled with Philly cream cheese. The elimination of the bagel’s slice and schmear circumvents the additional tax requirement, making fans’ favorite bagel and schmear all the more enjoyable. “We pride ourselves on being […]

Featured in Food Engineering: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, H&H Bagel Release Limited-Edition Bagel

Read the full article Philadelphia and H&H Bagels of New York City are coming out with a limited-edition “Tax-Free Bagel”—a full-sized, unsliced bagel filled with Philly cream cheese. Filling the bagel with cream cheese is intended to circumvent an additional tax requirement in New York that’s accrued by sliced bagels schmeared with cheese “In today’s landscape, people are […]