Featured in Mashed: This Famous NYC Bagel Shop May Be Coming To Your State

Click here to read the full article There are few food items more synonymous with New York City than bagels. And there is one iconic Big Apple bagel location that stands out over the rest. H&H Bagels was founded all the way back in 1972, and it has been one of the most recognizable bagel […]

Featured in QSR: H&H Bagels Wants to Grow Legacy Beyond New York’s Borders

Click Here to read the full article The brand is targeting select franchisees to expand with, instead of specific markets.  Founded by two Puerto Rican migrators in 1972, H&H Bagels has long been a classic New York City concept popping up in TV shows based in the Big Apple. In 1997, “Seinfeld” featured the bagel […]